Author Interview with Process History

A comprehensive look at the motivations behind UNSETTLED, the defining characteristics of the hyperghetto, and the relationship between refugees and the converging forces of colonial and class warfare.

Flashpoints Interview

Eric Tang appears on Berkeley radio station KPFA 94.1 to discuss UNSETTLED.

Imagine Otherwise Podcast

Through the eyes of one woman, Ra Prohn, Eric Tang tells the story of an immigrant community’s survival and resistance in NYC “hyperghettos” created by US state terrorism directed at Black diasporic communities in the aftermath of slavery.

Voice of America Interview

Eric Tang discusses his new book, in which he describes life for the wave of Cambodian refugees who ended up in the Bronx, where he had worked as a community organizer in the early 1990s.

Write Like a Fugitive

A few weeks before his book was released in October, Eric Tang sat down for a brown-bag lunch with staff and interns of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. Tang talked about why he wrote the book, the greatest challenge he faced in writing it, and other wide-ranging topics.